Celebrating 1000 Brands on the Faith Equality Index (FEI)

Less than a year ago, our team here at Faith Driven Consumer™ initiated an ambitious project as we developed the Faith Equality Index (FEI) and graded our very first brand. Our goal was to provide a large, and eventually comprehensive, database of all major brands and businesses, as well as their grade according to our objective criteria. Our team of researchers, employing the objective criteria of the FEI, sought to enable our members to become more informed and equipped to make faith driven buying decisions, use their dollars to purchase with a purpose, and make an impact on the marketplace, workplace and culture.

Just ten months later, we are thrilled to announce that we have reached more than ONE THOUSAND BRANDS on the FEI!

If you are someone who considers the spiritual and cultural implications of your dollars and their power in the marketplace, then you will benefit greatly from the FEI. The Faith Equality Index is now a significant tool in the arsenal of Faith Driven Consumers. Whether you are making decisions about which kind of automobile to buy, which internet provider to go with, or what toothpaste to switch to, the Faith Equality Index has the information to help you make the most faith driven decision.

All you have to do is take advantage of one of the many perks of being a Faith Driven Consumer: the FEI. Head on over to faithdrivenconsumer.com/fei and start exploring the more-than-one-thousand brands featured. You will be able to search by name, category, keyword (tag), or simply scroll through and find brands alphabetically. From there, you can find out whether they are compatible, acceptable or incompatible with the criteria representing our community’s values. You can also get a more detailed grade by scrolling over the brand’s card and discovering how they scored in each criterion. These objective criteria span across three categories: Marketplace, Workplace and Culture. They indicate how compatible with faith driven values a brand’s corporate actions have been in these respective areas.

The result of all of this research and information means one thing: Faith Driven Consumers are more informed and equipped to use their dollars to support businesses and brands that are willing to demonstrate a real commitment to our community and the values and beliefs we share. And the truly impactful part of the FEI is that it creates a positive feedback loop where businesses are incentivized to continue in faith driven corporate action while our community simultaneously maintains support for these brands and their in-kind actions. Together, with tools like the Faith Equality Index, we can affect change in our communities and make an impact for a more faith driven marketplace, workplace and culture.

Head on over to the Faith Equality Index to begin exploring and making a difference today!

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