A Prayer for Afghanistan

The events of the past week and a half have reminded me of what the Psalms say many times: the nations will rage. As we see horrific scenes of what is occurring in Afghanistan, we are a nation trying to make sense of it politically, diplomatically, morally and psychologically. Many are understandably seeing red and looking to hold accountable those who are responsible for these disturbing events. Others feel inadequately equipped to opine on global politics and foreign policy and avoid getting too involved. But whatever your response has been to these tumultuous days, as Christians, there is one response that should be ours before all others. As followers of Christ and ministers of the gospel, it should be our immediate reflex in times like this to go to the Lord in prayer with all our petitions.

In light of this duty we have as believers, together with the desperate need for God to work in the situation that has developed and is continuing to develop in Afghanistan, we want to offer a brief prayer for this messy, dangerous and bleak situation. May we go to God with humility and boldness and petition him for His intervention into the disastrous scenes unfolding in real time. Let’s go to the Lord in prayer.

Our Heavenly Father,

We come to You with burdened hearts for the events of the past week and a half. The devastating effects of man’s sinfulness are on full display as we witness these horrific events occurring in Afghanistan. But, Father, we know You are a good God. You are an all-knowing God who does not ignore the sufferings of man. And You are a sovereign God, on Your throne, in control of all things. Your word has told us that in all things you are working for our good and your glory. Your word also tells us that the nations will rage and that kings will set up kingdoms and, just as quickly, they will fall. God we come to You, who is sovereign over all, and ask that You would work in a situation that seems hopeless. As we witness the nations raging and see men rise to take power and install governments of oppression and injustice, we ask that You would intervene in Afghanistan. We also pray that You would reveal yourself to the Afghan people and begin a miraculous work in their hearts and minds.

We pray for those Afghans who have fought against the Taliban and who are now facing threats to their lives and the lives of their families. Protect them from evil and reveal Yourself to them.

We pray for the Americans still in Afghanistan. Whether they are officials, reporters or translators we ask that You would be with them and shield them from evildoers and protect their lives and the lives of their family members.

We pray for the American troops who have sacrificed greatly for 20 years in this broken country. For any that are still on the ground, give them safety and the means to continue providing aid to the situation and to the vulnerable.

We pray for the men and women in Washington who are making decisions that affect the lives of so many. Give them the wisdom to make decisions that don’t multiply evil and suffering. And prevent them from acting misguidedly or foolishly, or for partisan or self-interested reasons. And give them the courage to make the right decisions moving forward.

We pray for the women in Afghanistan who will suffer greatly under Taliban rule and not be able to enjoy many freedoms they previously did. We pray for these women that in their suffering You would reveal yourself and that they would find their refuge in You.

We lift up the children in Afghanistan, as well, Lord, and ask that You would protect these young ones, and shelter them from the evil around them. Make Yourself known to these young Afghans and use them to bring about a spiritual revolution in their country.

And Lord, we even pray for the men fighting for the cause of the Taliban. May You work a miracle like this world has never seen and capture the hearts and minds of these evildoers, much like you did with your servant Paul. But, Lord if this is not your will, then we ask that You would impede, frustrate and prevent the plans of these men, that their evil ideology and beliefs and values could no longer be spread.

We pray for the missionaries still in Afghanistan. Give them the strength to endure what is sure to become a difficult and life-threatening time. Protect them and secure them, but empower them to never abandon or hide the good news of the gospel and continue proclaiming it to a country in need of it more than ever.

Lord, we pray for the church, the Body of Christ, that we would be vigilant and constantly looking for ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus. May we pray ceaselessly. May we give generously to those in need during this difficult time. Give us the strength to be courageous and effective in our ministry efforts. Mobilize Your church and use us mightily in serving the vulnerable, all for Your glory.

We ask all these things, with the faith and belief that You have the power to do all of this and more, in the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.


I hope that you were able to join in this prayer and petition to God. And I hope that it will encourage and empower you to lift this situation and these people up to Him whenever you see something on the news or social media about the events unfolding in Afghanistan. Let us mobilize as the Body of Christ and be a prominent voice for good in our country and in the world. And let us stand with the vulnerable who need safety and security, but more importantly, who need the grace and love that only the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a relationship with Him, can provide. May we stand ready to share and be an example of this to all those in need of it during this difficult moment. And may we remind ourselves daily that God is on His throne and His wise and sovereign plan can never be thwarted.

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