The Faith Equality Index (FEI)

One of the most integral parts of our mission at Faith Driven Consumer™ is informing and equipping Faith Driven Consumers like you to better engage with the marketplace. The principal resource that allows us to accomplish this goal is our Faith Equality Index (FEI). The FEI is a dataset built by FDC to establish the faith compatibility of the brands that you shop with every day. The FEI’s main purpose is informing and equipping our members with the information needed to Purchase with Purpose™ and leverage the marketplace toward true diversity and equality.

You might be asking yourself where you are going to purchase your new TV (Best Buy? Amazon? Target?). Or maybe it’s a more important decision like which life insurance company to use. It may even be as simple as thinking about switching to a new shampoo or toothpaste. But as a Faith Driven Consumer, you understand that being a good steward of what God has given you not only means being conscious of how much you spend, but also where you spend it.

Brands and businesses constantly show their support for many identity groups (LGBTQ+, etc.) And there are countless advocacy organizations and non-profits that exist to represent a variety of interests for a variety of communities (the Human Rights Campaign, for example). At FDC, we are also committed to representing the interests of our community, those driven by their Christian faith. We believe that the best way to make this kind of impact is not through bullying or pressuring businesses to meet our demands, but through unifying and activating the influence that this massive community already possesses.

In a world where businesses and brands compete for communities that don’t resemble people of faith, and where the advocacy industry represents everyone except Christians, where can FDCs go to find out the truth about businesses and their actions and attitudes toward Christians? We have developed the Faith Equality Index precisely for people asking this important question.

What exactly is the FEI? The FEI is the standard by which our community measures corporate America’s commitment to full inclusion of the Faith Driven Consumer as an equally valued, welcomed, and respected community. It is a simple and easy-to-use index consisting of countless brands and their ratings. As a quick and accessible tool, the FEI enables you to search by a particular brand and find out immediately how compatible it is with people of faith like you and the values of your community. On a scale of INCOMPATIBLE to COMPATIBLE, brands are rated so you are equipped to make more informed decisions.

We at FDC are exceedingly happy to provide our members with this resource and sincerely believe it can become an invaluable tool for Christians who are interested in leveraging their dollars for a marketplace, workplace and culture that will truly welcome and celebrate the faith community. The Faith Equality Index platform will continue to evolve to enable the positive changes that we can influence and drive together.  We encourage you to learn more and check out the FEI today, then seize the growing opportunity to Purchase with Purpose™.


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