FDC: Who We Are

Faith Driven Consumer™ (FDC) is a nonpartisan business whose mission is to enable Christians to grow, live and support their faith in daily life.  Our vision is to be the leading Marketplace and Community for Christians.

If you have ventured onto our page, it’s likely you are a Faith Driven Consumer. And that’s precisely why FDC exists in the first place – to represent you and your faith community, allowing your participation in a powerful network of Christians making a difference in the workplace, marketplace and culture at large. FDC makes it simple for you to make this kind of impact by enabling you to use your dollars intentionally and effectively, buying the kinds of goods you’re already buying.

What does FDC actually do? And, how are we able to accomplish our goals without asking our members to do more than they are already doing? The answer is simple: FDC delivers a platform that unites and harnesses your existing collective power.  You and your faith community already possess almost everything necessary to make a huge difference in commerce and culture. You have the two most powerful weapons in the marketplace: money and choice. And while some of us may have less or more financial freedom, one thing is certain – if you make choices about what kinds of goods you purchase, you have a voice, and you can make an impact.

If you are a Faith Driven Consumer then you have almost everything you need to start changing the marketplace, workplace and culture that we inhabit. If you make purchases and choices about which goods you buy, then you have a voice and can already make an impact. So, what else do you need? You need someone to AMPLIFY your voice. You need someone to UNITE your voice with other likeminded Christians so that the businesses and brands you support with your hard-earned dollars will have to take you and your faith community seriously, and never for granted. Faith Driven Consumer is uniquely designed to accomplish this task, which is more important and relevant than it has ever been in our culture’s history.

Here at FDC, we are able to achieve these vital goals by uniting Faith Driven Consumers who are serious about how they use their wallet to become informed about brands’ faith compatibility (through our many resources like the FEI, podcasts and articles), empowered to support those that are faith compatible (through our many resources, promotions and deals), and effective in the marketplace, workplace and culture (through leveraging your dollars to make an impact).

We are thrilled to be embarking on this journey with you. We truly believe FDC can help fuel your faith in many different ways and provide you an opportunity to finally be heard and recognized. Although we live in a world that seems to celebrate every faith, identity and community except Christians, we are here to remind you and the marketplace that your faith, your identity and your community matter. FDC is here to help you demonstrate that to the world of commerce by putting your dollars to work. By mobilizing and unifying your voice with other Faith Driven Consumers, we can deliver a more welcoming and equitable place for people of faith to inhabit.

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