If you are a Christian who feels left out in a world where most people are celebrated, you are not alone.

We Are Faith Driven Consumers

41 million people, 17% of the US population who spend 2 trillion dollars every year. We're looking for Christ followers who will proactively live out their faith in the marketplace and the workplace—in every aspect of life. Join with us—unite our voices, labor and spending.


current Faith Driven Consumers

$2 trillion

spent every year


have different consumer needs than the market at large


don't feel specifically welcomed by their current brands


seeking brands that share a compatible worldview


will switch brands when a better option is discovered

Phil Robertson

Stand with FDC

"In my time of need, Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) stepped up and created the 'I Stand With Phil' campaign.

They activated Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) like you to stand alongside me—protecting our right to speak God’s truth and live our faith in all aspects of our daily lives.

Now I stand with FDC—alongside all of you."

-Phil Robertson

How We Do It Together

Faith Driven Consumer (FDC) engages and activates Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs) like you who proactively live out our faith throughout all daily choices —including where we shop, what we buy and the entertainment choices we make.

As Followers of Christ we will Purchase with Purpose—uniting our voice, our labor and our spending in the context of our biblical worldview.

FDC provides the tools to make informed decisions about the brands we engage—quantifying and qualifying our collective value in the marketplace and evangelizing our worldview creating impact in the same way other communities do.

Every choice matters—learn which brands measure up and which one’s don’t. The Faith Equality Index (FEI) is the standard by which Corporate America demonstrates its commitment to full inclusion of Faith Driven Consumers as an equally valued, welcomed and respected community.


is how FDCs rate the influence of their faith on daily activity


can't currently name more than two faith compatible brands


of Faith Driven Consumers don't feel specifically welcomed at work

Purchase with Purpose

Sign up for our Purchase with Purpose program to help us continue vetting brands and encouraging them to be better through the Faith Equality Index. This also helps us demonstrate the purchase power of Christians and truly impact change.

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1. Add a card

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2. Shop as usual

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3. Change is Donated