A New Way to Travel

When I was growing up, traveling, at least in my mind, was something only rich families were able to afford. Sure, we were on the road constantly and putting a ton of miles on the car. But they weren’t exactly “road trips” like you see in the movies. When I was seven, we moved about five hours away from the rest of our extended family so that my parents could go into full-time ministry at a year-round Christian camp. Five-hour car rides were very common for me, as were packed suitcases (my brothers and I would often just share one big one), sleeping against the car window or on your sibling in the backseat, and quick pit-stops along the highway.

But none of these countless trips I took while I was kid would be considered “traveling.” Because, to me, “traveling” was something only wealthy families could afford. Our family was blessed greatly in many ways. We were able to do a lot of fun things, and we certainly never worried about where we would get our next meal. But, like a lot of families, we simply didn’t have the money to take a family of five to Europe or to the Caribbean or even to Niagara Falls. At the time, many of these trips would have cost several thousands of dollars and were not the kinds of activities to which most families had access.

That’s why I have to pinch myself when I’m reminded that I’ve been to places like Indonesia, Germany, Italy and Mexico. And I’ve been able to visit cities in the U.S. like Chicago, Houston, Miami, D.C. and others, all in the last several years! And while I certainly owe the opportunity and ability to travel to these places to the goodness and graciousness of God and the prosperous nation in which He allows me to be a citizen, traveling has now become an opportunity that many individuals and families can experience.

For a variety of reasons, air travel has become more affordable, and even downright cheap in many instances. Sure, it takes a little bit of “hunting” to find some of the cheapest fares (sometimes as low as $20 one way!), but there are now services and flight trackers that can help you find these great deals. Moreover, there are countless ways to save a ton of money on hotels and activities at your destination. So not only can you get there affordably, but you can stay at top hotels for steep discounts. Then, you can head out to the zoo, the waterpark, or a nice restaurant and spend far less than you thought you would. What all of this means is that there may be opportunities for you and/or your family to see more of the U.S. or even the world when you might not have even thought it was an option.

And while there are many services out there that can help you find or book these trips, there is only one that uses your purchases to make an impact by leveraging the marketplace for the values of Faith Driven Consumers (FDCs): the FDC Marketplace. In previous blogs, we have spotlighted the FDC Marketplace and informed FDCs of what it is and how we can utilize its offerings while mobilizing those purchases collectively to leverage the marketplace. (If you haven’t read these blog posts yet, make sure to click on the links at the bottom of this blog to learn more about the FDC Marketplace.)

The FDC Marketplace itself is straightforward and easy to use. But it’s also extremely affordable… You can sign up here and pay $5 a month or at a super steep discount for $25 a year! And trust me, you’ll likely save ten times that on one trip with FDC Marketplace discounts and deals. After you become a Marketplace Member of Faith Driven Consumer, just go to the FDC Marketplace website and click the “Travel” tab above the scrolling graphics. Then all you have left to do is explore the thousands of great destinations and adventures and choose which one is right for you or your family! Also, if you are a new Marketplace Member or are new to the FDC Marketplace, check out the video link below and watch this short tutorial, showing you how to use the FDC Marketplace and get started saving today!

We want to encourage you to see more of this beautiful world that God has made for us to enjoy, and we are here to help you do that. The FDC Marketplace can help you save money on the day-to-day, and then afford you access to special deals, allowing you to book a trip that doesn’t break the bank like you thought it might. That’s why this blog post isn’t just an advertisement for one of our resources. This week’s post is all about informing and encouraging you to reconsider your opportunities to travel and see if we can play a small part in helping you finally go on that vacation or trip you’ve been considering for years. Oh, and by the way, when you do, you’ll be contributing, along with the entire FDC Community, to a nationwide effort to make a faith driven impact in the culture and marketplace we inhabit.


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